Lilting Magnolia

Maggie, as most call her, is a caring young woman from the harsh streets of Ul'dah. An orphan that learned to fight hard and dirty when needed, but will generally only use violence if innocents are in danger. She currently works as a Nanny to three Hyurian children. Though she is also a toymaker of some small renown amongst collectors.

  • Race: Roegadyn (100%!) - Hellsgaurd

  • Age: 27

  • Height 6'3

  • Weight: Don't ask unless you wanna make her cry. 'Chubby' as the generous of spirit would say.

  • Hair color: Blonde-dyed-lavender

  • Eyes: Green

  • Distinguishing Marks: Small mole by her mouth, many freckles. Many small scars across her body.

  • Status: Single/Polyamorous and not really looking for anything super serious.

  • Orientation: Sapiosexual with a preference for masculine.

Smoll Roegadyn.
She is, for her kin, very very short. She usually isn't too bothered by this unless picked on.
Ul'dahn Orphan
She was raised mostly in an orphanage off of Pearl Lane. She was told her parents died when she was three, leaving her alone in the world. She has no reason to dispute this knowledge.
Of course, this also taught her from an early age, that when one fights, there's only one way - Dirty and with anything and everything at hand.
It was natural for her to take on a caretaker role for the younger kids, and would make toys for them from whatever salvage she could find. These days, her materials and methods are much more refined, however. Even in demand by some.
She loves children and is currently the live-in Nanny to three Hyurian children. She also teaches them an array of subjects she has studied, herself. Want to talk about the woes of parenthood? Or perhaps just need a babysitter for a spell? Maggie has your back!
Runaway Bride
Even she isn't sure how she got the attention of a Monetarist's son. It was a simple chance encounter at the Gold Saucer.. that became a date.. and then another. He was charming, handsome, and made her head spin.
But gradually, things changed. He became jealous of any time she paid attention to anyone else.. including her charges. He went so far as to bribe her employers to fire her. At the same time, he convinced her no one else in the world would ever love her.. He was her one and only. Without him, she would end up dying alone in the Lane. Then, on the eve of their wedding, his Manservant, wracked with guilt over what had been done to the kind lass, confessed that her fiance had had her fired from every job she took. Maggie confronted him, they argued.. and she ran. She went as far as she could, figuring her ex would soon lay eyes on another.
She -certainly- had no idea he might place a bounty on her head...

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